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Electronic Bird Control

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  1. Critter Blaster Pro

    Critter Blaster Pro


    Aggressively harasses critters & pest birds away from large outdoor areas with digitally recorded sonic sounds. Permanently eliminate pest problems with our most aggressive sonic product. •Designed for use in large, remote outdoor areas •Customizable settings – 8 harassment sounds available •Four-speaker system; control unit can be mounted anywhere •Ideal for airfields, farms, landfills, & other areas (view "applications") •Repels deer, raccoons, foxes, bears, rodents, & birds •Covers up to 6 acres Learn More
  2. BB-Pro_B



    Complete bird control system combines both sonic AND ultrasonic audio to get rid of pest birds with a multi-faceted audio attack. The sounds confuse, disorient & intimidate pest birds, keeping them away. •4-speakers included for maximum coverage •Message to pest birds is clear: "EMERGENCY: STAY AWAY!" •State-of-the-art technology decoded, customer support available •Fully customizable settings allow tailored programming •Ultrasonic covers up to 3,600 sq. ft, Sonic covers up to 6 acres •3 Visual Scares Included w/Purchase Learn More
  3. Mega Blaster Pro

    Mega Blaster Pro


    Powerful sonic bird control system uses intermittent distress calls to create a “danger zone” that frightens infesting birds away for good. •Two high-output amplifiers with specially-designed 20-speaker tower •Comes with four different configurations for common bird infestations •Customizable settings •Weatherproof, NEMA-type box •Covers up to 30 acres (12 hectares) This unit is capable of sound output up to 125 decibels. HEARING PROTECTION IS RECOMMENDED. Learn More

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