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  1. Paintball CO2 Re-fillable Tank, 20oz

    Paintball CO2 Re-fillable Tank, 20oz


    • 20oz CO2 size • Safety Burst Disc Brass Pin Valve • Tank meet or exceed ASTM, U.S. DOT, Canadian TC & European PI standards Brand may vary Learn More
  2. Paint Ball Pellets

    Paint Ball Pellets


    500 Paintball Pellets .68 Caliber •Color May Vary •Brand May Vary Learn More
  3. Professional Hand Held Spotlight

    Professional Hand Held Spotlight


    3.5 Million Candle Power Learn More
  4. Apache Digital Game Caller

    Apache Digital Game Caller


    Digital Game Caller Learn More
  5. Avian Dissuader Laser Green

    Avian Dissuader Laser Green


    Same as the Red Laser but the Green Laser remains effective in higher ambient light conditions than the red laser. Learn More
  6. Avian Dissuader Laser Red

    Avian Dissuader Laser Red


    Light, rugged, easy to maneuver, no noise and minimal maintenance. Especially effective against diurnal birds such as pigeons, starlings, grackles and sparrows. Range is at half a mile. Most effective in low light conditions. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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